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Tuscany: tour of the free spas


The Val d’Orcia is a sulphurous area full of natural thermal springs. The symbol of the area is Monte Amiata, an ancient volcano that provides puddles, waterfalls and streams of healthy hot water where you can dive in freely. Closely to Parco delle Piscine campsite, you will find the outdoor spas, among the most spectacular in the region.

Bagni san Filippo, surrounded by chestnut trees of Monte Amiata, are a must if you want to give yourself a moment of well-being during your holiday in Tuscany. The particularity of this magic place is the White Whale, a huge boulder that has been formed over the centuries thanks to the sediments of water rich in calcium. The beautiful waterfall is called this way because the rivulets on its top really remind the mouth of a white whale.  With a little care, you can climb on its “jaws” and find your own private pool, where you can relax with water that reaches up to 50 ° temperature! Or you can relax on the rock and let the water flow freely along your body … a really pleasure!

A tip: if you have too sensitive skin, do not stay too long into the water, and take lot of breaks. High temperature and limestone can “smooth” over your skin!

Book now your Coco Sweet in Tuscany and go relax to the thermal baths! If you want to take part in a guided tour of the free spas in Tuscany, contact us!


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