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Naples: discover the secrets of the sailors


Founded in 1996, the Nautical institute offers a great insight into the maritime traditions of the island. Opened to promote the relationship between the islanders and sea, the ‘Museum of the Sea’ firstly served for educational purposes, for students and people alike. Today this cute museum is a lovely memory that shows the love, devotion and passion that the people of Procida feel for the sea, typical for this island, and its captains, sailors and fisherman. The sea and an island are always in a crucial relationship to each other, and it is no different for this island Procida. Although very close to the mainland, Procida has always looked out over see. Far more than looking back towards the chaos of Napoli.

The museum shows that the rich history that the islanders have, towards the sea. They have always looked at the sea for answers of employment, rather than the city of Napoli, because they feel closer to the blue mysteries than the stones of the city. Which is precisely what this museum is trying to so you. The museum consists of 2 sections, a library with a large historical archive, documenting the history of the oceanic traditions and a second area dedicated to votive and religious tradition concerning the sea going activities of the people of Procida, and a few folk songs dedicated to the sea.


  • from 9am to 1pm
  • from Monday to Saturday
  • Sunday only by reservation
  • free entry

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