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Grado: Underwater Intineraries for your Diving Experience


The seabed of Grado holds a strong appeal for all diving enthusiasts, who find here many species of marine animals, but also ancient Roman and WWI remains. If you want to find out “what’s underneath”, you can participate in one of the organized diving routes: you will venture into the depths of the sea and you might fall to it. The guided tours are suitable for all, even for those who try this fascinating world for the first time:

Route of San Gottardo and Sant’Agata’s stones, about 400m from the coast, where you can admire traces of the Roman era among countless species of fish

Route of the protected Primero’s Marine area. Perfect for beginner divers.

Route of the B24 Plane, dive site located in the open sea and where you can admire the remains of a B24 dating back to the Second World War.

Route of the Grebeno di San Pietro, about 4.5km from the coast, is part of a rock complex that reach 22 meters underwater.

Choose a Coco Sweet tent at Camping Tenuta Primero, on the beautiful island of Grado, and set off to discover the lagoon!


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